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Optimising your lead pipeline through sales enablement

We know that growing businesses don't have an endless budget for online advertising. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective sales optimisation strategies to help you to get the most value from both organic and paid marketing campaigns.

To ensure that we deliver the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for our clients, we combine our vast sales and CRM experience with effective automation tools. We support your Sales team in driving more conversions and closing more deals.

Sales enablement services for FinTech & FinServ companies
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Sales automation and optimisation for financial companies

As an experienced digital marketing agency and Diamond-level HubSpot partner, Inbound FinTech’s experts help Financial Services companies to align Sales and Marketing teams to turn more leads into SQLs and opportunities. We give you the automation tools and techniques to make the most of your lead pipeline.

What is sales enablement?

HubSpot defines sales enablement as “the processes, content and technology that empower Sales teams to sell more efficiently, at a higher velocity.”


Sales and marketing alignment

Making sure that your Sales and Marketing teams work in harmony is key to successful campaigns and lead conversion. Many businesses suffer from bottlenecks and lost deals thanks to poor communication between teams and a lack of visibility.

Sales and marketing alignment is vital. If your Marketing team is creating great content and driving quality leads, don't let poor visibility and unoptimised lifecycle management undermine the good work. When leads arrive in your pipeline, you need a strategic lead scoring structure and lead qualification rules in place to ensure they receive the right content at each stage of the buyer's journey. 

As part of our sales enablement services, we can set up automation workflows containing relevant content to nurture leads down the funnel. We implement tasks, notifications and triggers to notify people when leads should be reviewed, qualified and contacted. This helps your Sales team to prioritise leads and convert more opportunities.

Sales and marketing alignment strategies


Our agency received a 2019 HubSpot Impact Award for our Sales Enablement work for clients - learn more in our sales enablement case study.

Hubspot Impact Awards 2019 Sales Enablement



Utilising sales automation capabilities

In modern business, speed and efficiency are paramount. When attracting leads to your company website with inbound marketing campaigns and SEO, you need to have the right processes and technology in place to effectively capture and nurture leads. Marketing automation plays a key role in your success here.

For SQLs, you can leverage automation to optimise conversions, arrange meetings and close deals. Sales automation speeds up the sales cycle, removes time-consuming tasks and reduces human error. Automated workflows and sequences can be set up to communicate with SQLs and Opportunities, without the need for human intervention, so that your Sales team only speak to leads directly when necessary.

Here are some of the sales automation tools we use to help your business grow:

  • Lead scoring & qualification - define qualification criteria and rules to establish an effective lead scoring system, so that leads are qualified properly before they’re passed to Sales.
  • Workflows - enjoy extensive automation workflow capabilities, including branch methodology and enrolment triggers, which guide leads down the funnel and manage the level and type of communications that each lead receives.
  • Email integration - connect your inbox to HubSpot to enable full CRM and sales management.
  • Notifications/tasks - make sure the right tasks get delivered to the right team members to optimise the lead nurturing and conversion path.
  • Sequences - send a series of targeted and personalised emails to prospects, to minimise human intervention and streamline the nurturing processes.
  • Snippets - insert short, reusable text blocks for contact, company and deal records, for use in email templates and chat conversations.
  • Meeting scheduling - encourage leads to arrange meetings directly with key members of your team with HubSpot’s meeting scheduling tools.
  • Live chat - implement live chat to nudge visitors and leads to communicate via your business website, and quickly and efficiently answer their queries.
  • Lead flows - create customisable website pop-ups which prompt visitors to engage and click through to content offers appropriate to their lifecycle stage.
  • Pipeline improvements and prospect tagging - we help you to manage your lead pipeline and deal flows, enhanced by prospect tagging.
  • Reporting & dashboards - we implement extensive monitoring and tracking, to ensure nothing slips through the net. Report summaries, alerts and customised dashboards help you measure and analyse conversion/funnel performance.
Sales enablement services IFT offers:
Sales enablement services | Inbound FinTech

  • Lead scoring audits, workshops and strategy
  • Lifecycle stage auditing and optimisation
  • Automation workflows set-up and strategy
  • Sales sequences set-up and strategy
  • Personalised email content
  • Sales process optimisation
  • Sales automation training
  • Deal dashboard set-up and management
  • Contact/user journey tracking
  • Alerts and triggers set-up/implementation
  • Pipeline improvements and prospect tagging
  • Funnel management and reporting
  • Sales process development and lead assignment
  • Sales and Marketing alignment (“Smarketing”)
  • Lead flow and smart content set-up
  • Live chat implementation and training
  • HubSpot coaching and support

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Why work with Inbound FinTech for sales enablement?

Inbound FinTech is a Diamond HubSpot agency with a wealth of experience working across the Sales, Marketing and Service hubs in this powerful CRM platform, which helps businesses to generate, nurture and convert leads throughout the buyer’s journey. We can support, guide and train your Sales team on HubSpot, to help you get the most out of its tools and features, harnessing them to optimise your sales processes.

Already using HubSpot? Why not get a free HubSpot Portal Audit from our HubSpot specialists to identify your level of adoption, feature usage and opportunities for improvement?

Our HubSpot Portal Audit consists of:

  • An assessment of your HubSpot usage and overview of audit results
  • Gap analysis and recommendations on the tools to use to grow your business
  • Quick-win tactics for getting the best out of HubSpot’s platform capabilities
  • A 30-minute consultation, giving you the opportunity to ask questions of specialists 

Request an audit today and see how you can drive more impact with HubSpot.


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What our clients say about Inbound FinTech..

"Inbound FinTech are creative, focused, intelligent, professional and driven on results. They are a pleasure to work with, and I cannot recommend them enough for any type of inbound or PPC digital marketing campaigns businesses may need."

Becky Stables

Marketing Director at Vohkus

We opted for the three months’ complete overhaul with Sheila and her highly efficient team, removing the old parts from the broken watch (also known as our previous AdWords campaign) and putting it together piece by piece. Halfway through the brief and our conversions have increased by 46% and our CPA (cost-per-acquisition) has decreased by 52%, with more delights promised before we reach the end of the journey.

Peter Johnson

Senior Partner, London Law

“We asked IR to help increase our brand awareness and services to banks in named countries, which matched our business/expansion model. They have created a net new pipeline of high quality leads for us and aligned Marketing and Sales too, which helps close the deals. We’re delighted with the Inbound, ABM & LinkedIn campaigns results and look forward to a long term engagement with the agency”

Mark Bradbury

CEO, Apply Financial

Inbound FinTech has been instrumental in setting up our inbound marketing strategy and increasing our lead generation, from ad campaigns to organic search. We are continuously impressed with their level of service and consider them a key marketing partner in helping drive the business. They are not only proactive and responsive but also at the forefront of thought leadership in the inbound marketing space.

Nahil Hanna

Partnerships Manager, FinTech Galaxy

Their dedication to results that are relevant to our objectives, partnered with their in-depth knowledge of inbound marketing, is exceptional.

Nihal Abughattas

Head of Global Campaigns, Temenos

Sheila and the team have been instrumental in identifying KPIs and delivering a roadmap from MVP to growth. They have been a long-term partner of ours in all aspects of our marketing and continue to drive digital growth and strategy.

Steve Mandery

Founder, ThinkU

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