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Inbound marketing services for Financial Services companies
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Reach your target audience online

Inbound marketing delivers a high ROI thanks to its customer centricity, targeted approach and SEO-friendly focus.

Inbound FinTech (IFT) is an award-winning inbound marketing agency, based in London, specialising in the Financial Services industry. We offer a range of inbound marketing services, whilst our marketing gameplans combine the fundamentals of the inbound methodology with SEO expertise and strategic campaign management.


What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a data-driven marketing approach, focused on attracting the right people to your business website. The inbound marketing methodology is all about guiding prospects through the buyer’s journey, using a range of different content to provides useful information to aid decision-making.

There are lots of great tools, tactics and techniques that Financial Services companies can use to drive successful inbound marketing campaigns. Inbound marketing is all about creating relevant, SEO-friendly content tailored to the needs, challenges and pain points of your personas (ideal customers). The content should educate, inform and provide solutions at key touchpoints along the buyer’s journey.

Inbound marketing fundamentals

What is the buyer’s journey?

The buyer’s journey consists of the stages of readiness to buy. The journey is split into three stages. See our graphic below, which shows the types of content you can create for each stage

User Journey Inbound Marketing

Why is inbound marketing important for the Financial Services industry?
Inbound marketing for financial industries

The Financial Services industry is evolving fast, with new technologies driving change in the sector. FinTech businesses and SaaS companies are increasingly adopting more modern, data-driven marketing approaches to lead generation. Inbound marketing is the most cost-effective marketing approach, boasting proven ROI and long-term success.

Inbound marketing leads cost 61% less than leads generated via traditional outbound practices. (Source: Invesp)

Marketers in the Financial Services industry must differentiate their business from others in the market to stand out from the competition. It's vital for FinTech start-ups and growing financial businesses to drive leads online. Creating thought-leadership content and providing prospects with solutions to their challenges, backed by strategic SEO, helps to drive quality leads to your website, without relying on a big advertising budget.  

The sales cycle in the Finance industry can be lengthy, due to the complex nature of the products and services being considered. In the B2B world, especially, buyers don’t make snap decisions. Stakeholders and key decision-makers need to build a business case, so lead nurturing plays a key role in inbound marketing.

HubSpot's State of Inbound Report revealed that 71% of businesses reported that they are primarily focused on inbound. (Source: HubSpot)

Inbound FinTech can help your company to reach its target audience throughout the buyer’s journey. Our inbound campaigns build trust and educate prospects, whilst clearly communicating the key differentiators and benefits of your products and services.

customer-centric marketing strategy

Customer-centric marketing campaigns using the inbound methodology


Why is customer-centricity in lead generation so important? Putting customer needs before business goals helps brands to understand what makes their customers tick. It’s often the case that an organisation’s perception of what customers want is widely different from the reality. Inbound marketing is a truly customer-centric marketing approach, as it places customer needs at the heart of all campaigns and content.

The key difference between inbound and outbound marketing is that inbound is “pull” marketing rather than “push” marketing. Inbound content acts as a magnet, which pulls the right people towards your business, due to its focus on helping customers rather than just selling to them. Outbound marketing often feels pushy, which can be off-putting for prospects, especially in the Financial Services industry where the sales cycle is longer than in many other industries.

The inbound methodology is all about generating a lead pipeline, from attracting visitors to your website to capturing leads via content offers, and nurturing these leads down the funnel for sales to convert them. Customer retention incentives and customer service help to increase customer lifecycle value (CLV) and encourage customers to become advocates.

Why work with Inbound FinTech?

The Inbound FinTech team has a proven track record of implementing successful inbound marketing strategies in the Financial Services industry, for a range of B2B and B2C companies, SaaS brands and FinTech businesses. We have world-class marketing expertise, combined with deep knowledge of the financial markets. IFT produces thought-leadership content for businesses across the Finance sector, from Banking and Payment Validation to Capital Markets and Foreign Exchange.

Our comprehensive inbound marketing gameplans drive growth for businesses online, generating and nurturing quality leads, through a combination of content marketing campaigns targeted at key personas, SEO, PPC, paid social, account-based marketing (ABM), automated workflows and sales enablement


What our clients say about Inbound FinTech..

Don’t just take our word for it. Get the thoughts of our clients and see the impact we’vecreated for Financial Services and Tech companies!

“I worked with Inbound FinTech for just over two years, and the work they did for our company was impeccable. They researched our industry, our business and our way of work and helped develop campaigns that drove consistent results time after time. Each person we worked with gave us 100% dedication and most of all the enthusiasm to want to help us succeed. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to work with a Digital Growth Agency.”


Marketing Director at Vohkus

"Inbound FinTech helped us to increase our brand awareness and services to banks in named countries, which matched our business/expansion model. They've created a net new pipeline of high-quality leads for us and aligned our Marketing and Sales teams, which helps close more deals. We’re delighted with the Inbound, ABM and LinkedIn campaign results and look forward to a long-term engagement with the agency.”


CEO - Apply Financial

“The overall impact of the agency's marketing strategy and support has helped us to significantly grow and develop the brand online, whilst the content they've produced together with our teams has positioned us as a thought-leader in the industry. In addition, they have really helped us to leverage HubSpot's powerful and intuitive tools, allowing us to use the software to its full potential."


Global Head of Marketing - Trade Vela

“IFT has been an exemplary FinTech-focused digital agency to work with. They've always over-delivered, just because sometimes stuff just needs to get done. Sheila's team are all experts in their fields with a can-do approach, which makes them seem part of our own team. Committed, responsive, easy to deal with, no BS, quality results, great value - what more can you ask for?”


Former CEO - TalkRemit

“Inbound FinTech have been instrumental in the rollout of HubSpot from start to finish and have been incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and responsive throughout the process. We look forward to work with them going forward!”


Sales Director - IS Prime

“Inbound FinTech is a wonderful agency to work with. They have true experts in all roles, from technology to business processes and are lovely people to work with. In the year of our engagement with IFT, there was never a moment to fault them and I can highly recommend them to anyone considering Inbound marketing.”


CEO - Walpole Partnership

"We had decided to move from another CRM (Infusionsoft) to HubSpot, but the migration project was looking to be a huge and complex exercise. Lucille and the team at Inbound FinTech made that process far less stressful than it could have been. From the outset, with their template project plan and throughout with their in-depth knowledge about HubSpot and how to bend it to our will we felt absolutely confident that we would end up with a solution that met our needs. And this proved to be the case. Many thanks!"


Chief Marketing Officer at StaySafe

"Great planning and communication throughout. The team could not have been more helpful and approachable during the process. Would recommend."


Account Director at StaySafe

“Over 25 years I have seen the spectrum of Marketing teams and agencies - the majority have underwhelmed me and worse provided mediocre returns for the business. Thank goodness that I have found my marketing unicorns in Inbound FinTech. This team knows their stuff and doesn't waste any time getting down to business. From the beginning - the conversations, expectations and scoping was authentic, thoughtful and strategic. They are not just a digital agency to me, because they are vested in my businesses success.”


CEO and Co-Founder - pepelwerk

"Inbound FinTech is a fabulous strategic partner and trusted advisor. They are experts at utilizing HubSpot for marketing automation and CRM and are continuously aware of the latest best practices. Their FinTech knowledge and genuine curiosity help make our SEO efforts particularly successful. Maria and Sheila manage projects, clients, and expectations exceptionally well and are always willing to go the extra mile to make CipherTrace successful."


Chief Financial Analyst and Chief Marketing Officer at CipherTrace

"Working with IFT was a pleasure - they have supported us with our HubSpot and SEO projects. They are always prompt, reliable, have excellent knowledge and managed to solve even the most complex HubSpot requests. Great team to work with!"


CEO - Car Finance Giant

"A great setup to help businesses get their head around the HubSpot features. A series of insightful sessions help you understand how to structure the best approach for your business on the platform. Recommended."


Head of Partnerships at Unbound

"It has been great working with Maria and Sheila and the team at Inbound FinTech. Not only total experts in everything HubSpot related, but really easy to work with – always taking the time to get into the detail of what we are trying to achieve, so we had the best solution and outcome. They continually went the extra mile and have the patience of saints! Would definitely recommend."


Chief Marketing Officer at Unbound

I have been working with IFT for quite some time now and am very much impressed with their work. They are the real technical experts on HubSpot and have helped us time and again with the best possible solution to our needs. It's a real pleasure to be associated with such a knowledgeable team.


Marketing Automation Manager at BSO

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